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Audio For Internal Comms

How Radio and Podcasts Can Be Used For Effective Internal Comms


Our award winning team produce internal comms radio shows. They follow the same format as traditional radio shows but are styled to your company’s brand identity.

Internal Comms Radio

The internal comms radio shows are presented by a professional radio broadcaster, written by our creative team and produced in our own studios so we can manage the production completely. They include the same features as a traditional radio show such as:

The finished show can then be delivered online, on a CD or played through a conference call system depending on who the target audience is and where they are based.


Award Winning Internal Comms Audio

We won an Institute of Internal Commuincations (IOIC) Award of Excellence for Audio with Marks & Spencer

Why Audio For Internal Comms?

Radio has always been a very intimate medium because presenters talk to listeners on a one to one basis which is why internal comms radio shows are so effective. With internal comms audio you are able to speak to your employees on an equal level in a language they understand.

You’re also able to convey the actual tone of voice of the company with internal comms audio which isn’t possible in other media such as print. 

Audio production is very cost effective compared to other media and it’s now possible to record audio easily in the workplace, however this doesn’t mean you should cut corners. Internal comms audio is only going to be taken seriously if it’s a quality production produced in a proper recording studio by professionals. You wouldn’t design a magazine yourself so treat your audience with respect and do it properly.

Internal Comms Audio vs Other Media

There are lots of benefits to internal comms radio shows versus other forms of communication. Here are some examples:


  • Drivers can’t read magazines on the move.

  • Tone of voice can be misinterpreted.

  • Easy to avoid by just flicking through.

Events & Conferences

  • Expensive to put on.

  • Takes a lot of people away from the workplace at the same time.

  • Long lead times.


  • Can be time consuming to watch.

  • Requires a TV or laptop to watch it on.

  • Longer production process.

​Hard To Reach Groups - Drivers, Remote Workers, Shopfloor Staff.

Internal Comms audio is a fantastic way to communicate to all types of worker but particularly drivers, remote workers and shopfloor staff. This is a group of workers who have traditionally been very hard to reach due to the nature of their jobs (drivers can’t read a magazine when driving!).

We now live in an age where audio is accessible on mobile devices, mp3 players and good old CD’s, so internal comms audio is effective because staff can listen to and from the way to work, or whilst actually working if they’re a driver.

Shopfloor staff can hear the audio either on mp3 players, as a one off playout through a conference call system or have it played out in-store during closed hours.

10 Benefits Of Internal Comms Radio Shows

  • Cost effective

  • Shorter lead times & production process

  • Reaches drivers, remote workers and shopfloor staff

  • Low avoidance - can’t be turned over

  • Easy to deliver

  • Can be listened to on a multitude of devices

  • Can be listened too whilst doing something else

  • Doesn’t take people away from their place of work

  • Entertains, informs and engages

  • Conveys tone of voice and brand identity

 We also produce video content for internal comms. Listen to the internal comms audio showreel here: