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Senior PHP Developer

date.png 2017-09-18
Our team is growing rapidly and we now need a Senior PHP Developer to join us in our Chancery Lane office.

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Freelance Creative

date.png 2017-09-18

Our audio department is growing rapidly and we’re currently looking for a Freelance Creative Copywriter to join us in our London office. 


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Creative Copywriter

date.png 2017-09-18

Our audio department is growing rapidly and we’re currently looking for a Creative Copywriter to join us in our London office.

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Marketing Manager

date.png 2017-09-15
This is a confession… we work in advertising… but we need help… with our own marketing. Sssh, don’t tell anyone.

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Digital Account Manager

date.png 2017-08-31
Our team is growing rapidly and we now need an Account Manager to join us in our Chancery Lane office. Working across a range of digital projects, you will work closely with our creative, production and account management teams.

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Our Bold Women on International Women's Day

date.png 2017-03-06

This year, International Women's Day asks us to  #BeBoldForChange. A belief in being bold exists at the heart of our ethos.

It can be translated as courageous, daring, challenging, to go beyone the usual limits of conventional thinking.

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Accounts Assistant- Part Time

date.png 2017-02-20
SNK Studios is fast becoming one of London’s leading audio post companies, specializing in sound for commercials and short form. We occupy 6 floors on Tottenham Court Road with recording studios and production offices. As part of the SNK Publishing Group the companies here also include Red Apple Creative, a creative production agency specializing in digital and audio, and Radio Results, a specialist radio media agency.

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5 From...Charlotte Plant

date.png 2017-01-12

Celebrating her fourth year with the company we thought it was time for Business Development Manager, Charlotte Plant to have hog the spotlight with her very own 5 From moment.

After careful editing and resubmission of various questions we have selected her best answers. Charlotte, it's your time to shine!

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Business Development Executive, Radio

date.png 2016-10-17
Our company partners, Radio Results, are searching for a unique individual to join as a Business Development Executive.

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5 From.....Brinky

date.png 2016-10-04      |     Tagged:  5 from   catherine brinkworth   digital production assistant   red apple creative  

Digital Production Assiant, Catherine Brinkworth is more affectionately known to us as Brinky!

Brilliant hair, super smart and cool demeanour.....we wanted to find out more about Brinky's super powers.

Brinky, here are your 5 from questions....

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Programmatic Audio Commercial Production

date.png 2016-08-24
Programmatic campaigns often require commercial production at short notice and at a cost effective entry price

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5 From....Kit

date.png 2016-08-18      |     Tagged:  5 from   red apple creative   studio assistant  
Our year with Studio Assistant Kit Holden is almost at a close.
Before he heads off to complete his degree he had one final task to complete.
Kit Holden, it's time for your 5 From....

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5 From...Niall

date.png 2016-08-04      |     Tagged:  5 from   copywriter   red apple creative  

Our 5 From continues in more traditional style this week. 

One of our newest recruits to the Creative team, Niall Kineally-Taylor is under the spotlight.

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5 From...Darren

date.png 2016-07-21      |     Tagged:  5 from   red apple creative   senior producer  

This week's 5 a super extended version as we say goodbye to the most amazing Senior Producer EVER! 

Our lovely Darren is off to satisfy his wunderlust, so after 4 years with Red Apple Creative - Darren Griffiths, here are your 5 From...

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5 From....James Spink

date.png 2016-07-07      |     Tagged:  5 from   digital   james spink   manager  
Our 5 From... blog introduces you to the SNK team individually.

James Spink, Spinkster, Jimbo, Sprinkles to his colleagues. is next under the 5 From spotlight.

Here are your 5 From Sprinkles!.....

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5 From....Andre

date.png 2016-06-09      |     Tagged:  5 from   red apple creative  

Our 5 From..... blog introduces you to the Red Apple team individually.

We'd love to introduce Andre Harry, the Lead Developer from our Digital team.

Andre, here are your 5 From.....

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Hybrid Digital Account Manager / Project Manager

date.png 2016-06-08
Our digital team is growing rapidly and we need a Hybrid Digital Account Manager / Project Manager to join us in our London office. Working across a range of digital work, you will work closely with both the design & development teams and our clients.

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5 From......Aishah

date.png 2016-05-26      |     Tagged:  5 from   mi-soul   red apple creative  

Introducing, Aishah Amodu. Production Assistant.

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date.png 2016-05-19      |     Tagged:  llistening   q1 2016   radio   rajar   rap  

Bored of bullet point, power point, not on point RAJAR updates???

Us too!

Check out our alternative RAJAR radio listening update, via the medium of RAP!

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"White People Are Becoming An Endangered Species."

date.png 2016-05-16      |     Tagged:  bbc   call in   katie hopkins   lbc  

The title of this blog is a little arresting.

You would be forgiven for assuming it to be click-bait.

Terrifyingly, this is just one of the opinions expressed on a recent radio call-in show.

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Red Apple Creative Are New Sponsors of Top 5 Rugby U14 Club!

date.png 2016-04-22
Red Apple Creative are now the proud sponsors of Tunbridge Wells Junior U14 Rugby Club!

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5 New National Radio Stations in One Month

date.png 2016-03-17

5 new big name, national radio stations launch on DAB and DAB+ over the next 2 weeks.

Talksport owner, Wireless Group and Magic FM owner, Bauer Media are behind this rapid radio expansion on the digital radio service. 

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What's Wrong With a Woman's Voice?

date.png 2016-03-08      |     Tagged:  advertising   female voices   international womens day   one air  

When this little Red Apple’r started work in radio advertising it was as part of a local station, creating adverts for local and regional clients.

The complete on-air line up at the station was pretty identical to a lot of local stations at the time. Male lead with female co-host on breakfast, followed by a series of male presenters only.
This onslaught of male presentation was only interrupted at the weekends when a female was brought back on air for the middle of the day, presumably to capture some of the family shopping time.

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We Present to You Our New Head of Creative!

date.png 2015-10-21
Production house, Red Apple Creative has taken on a new Head of Creative, Kathleen Moroney, to work across their audio portfolio

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Why Does Music Move You?

date.png 2015-09-02      |     Tagged:  advertising   movement   music   response  

Clients who ask us why music is important to their commercial or video are often met with a tidal wave of passionate response from our creative team.

Music has a multitude of capabilities, but the best description I ever heard was from my first creative manager who gdescribed it as the 'emotional colouring in'.
An article by David Shariatmadari on the Guardian website went further and looked at why music creates physical responses such as the chills.
In summary there are three pretty good reasons.

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