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50 Shades of Excited!

date.png 2015-02-12

With the all the sexual tension fizzling to a climax, fans around the world will flock (or shall I say frolic) to the cinemas on Friday- in what is estimated to be a 40 million dollar profit weekend. 

While the film is hotly anticipated, the books were what first ruffled the nations sheets. It would be hard to find a female who has not peeped into the creases of the novel, whether around the pool or under the duvet. It is a story that has changed perceptions and challenged people to come out of their conservative shells. 

Being rather the audiobook fan we chose to listen to, rather than read the original novels (can’t imagine that narrator making close eye contact with the producer during those recordings!) We delighted in creating an audio commercial to promote these titles for Audible – if you didn’t hear them at the time, do take a listen. The marvelous Rose Murphy providing a super sensual read!

If anything 50 Shades has opened up a talking point. It’s hard to walk past a bus stop and not see a poster or pick up a magazine without an interview for the soon to be most daring actors in the business. Whether you hate it or love it, it can’t be missed. It is sure to be the talk of the office come Monday morning and who doesn’t want to talk naughty in the morning meeting?

​  â€‹PS – if you’re bored of the film trailer take a look at the Lego version!

 Have a great week and make sure your ‘safe word’ is ready at all times  ;

If we have tickled your fancy why not download the 50 Shades of Grey audiobook


Emily Gill