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Why Does Music Move You?

date.png 2015-09-02      |     Tagged:  advertising   movement   music   response  

Clients who ask us why music is important to their commercial or video are often met with a tidal wave of passionate response from our creative team.

Music has a multitude of capabilities, but the best description I ever heard was from my first Creative Manager who described it as the 'emotional colouring in'.

An article by David Shariatmadari on the Guardian website went further and looked at why music creates physical responses such as the chills.

In summary there are three pretty good reasons.

1. Sudden changes in the music stimulate our fight or flight response, usually in a delightful way.
This is what causes gooseflesh (or piloerection to use it's correct term!) and whilst we may not know it, the likelihood is that it also increases our heart rate, perspiration and causes us to breathe faster and more deeply.
When the chills happen, activity deep in the brain (the nucleus accumbens to be precise) occurs - this is where the brain responds to biological rewards such as food, sex and drugs. During the musical chills it releases the chemical dopamine.

2. Creating social bonds through music is not uncommon.
One theory is that music has the capacity to make us ecstatic through this channel.
We visit concerts, clubs and festivals to enjoy music on a grand scale with hundreds, if not thousands of others. The music binds us, the beat allows a collective response of movement and binds us socially. In terms of evolutionary benefits, it's theorized that this could have created greater altruism and positive affiliative feeling.

3.Another theory links the capacity to enjoy music with the development of language. Music taps into linguistic ability, as evolving humans we got good at linking sounds and movement.
Again, there is a social binding with singing and choral or group singing being a particularly evocative emotional response mechanism for some. Perhaps it's the words being sung, the collection of voices harmonising, the unity of breathing and sound - perhaps all of these.
Whether you are taking part or enjoying the music there is no denying the ability for a group singing in this way to move you with the power of their music.

Having a very musical team we asked what songs move them:

James Spink
Digital Account Manager

Tears in Heaven, Eric Clapton
One of the saddest songs and stories.

Aishah Amodu
Production Assistant

Another Day in Paradise - Brandy and Ray J
A reminder to be grateful for what you have.

Darren Griffiths
Producer/Project Manager

Walking in the AIr from 'The Snowman'
It makes me sad, because of how it ends for the Snowman - but happy because it's Christmas.

Jessica Smith
Creative Manager

Gold (A Cappella) from Once the Musical
Just love the voices all singing this ode to love in harmony. Gave me goosebumps when I saw the musical and still does when I hear it now.

The full article that inspired this blog is found at the Guardian website link above.

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