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"White People Are Becoming An Endangered Species."

date.png 2016-05-16      |     Tagged:  bbc   call in   katie hopkins   lbc  

The title of this blog is a little arresting.

You would be forgiven for assuming it to be click-bait.

Terrifyingly, this is just one of the opinions expressed on a recent radio call-in show.


Hosted last week on LBC, presenter Katie Hopkins invoked a debate regarding a BBC job advertisement that had irked her into a Twitter rage earlier that day.


The ‘job’ in question is actually an internship and was promoted through Creative Access online.


Creative Access provides paid internship opportunities for young people of Black, Asian or other non-white backgrounds (BAME) with the UK's top media organisations.


The point of consternation for many of the listeners was that this internship excluded the majority of young people by virtue of its race specification.


It’s quite true that in all advertising, agencies and clients are required to adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that advertising is fair and inoffensive.


This type of placement falls into a special category of its own. It is what is known as a Positive Action scheme, aimed at addressing an identified under-representation in this area.


As such these Positive Action schemes are allowed under the Equality Act along with a number of other exceptions.


The scheme’s benefit was noted by one discerning caller, who pointed out that the corporation was actively seeking people from BAME backgrounds as there are “too many white people” there already.


The BBC has previously been accused of under representation. This scheme promotes a sense of value both in young people and diversity, both of which should be areas that all corporations are mindful of.


Equality whether gender, race, ability or otherwise is rightly, always being challenged. Without this challenge, well, our call in shows would be very boring for a start!