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5 From....Kit

date.png 2016-08-18      |     Tagged:  5 from   red apple creative   studio assistant  
Our year with Studio Assistant, Kit Holden is almost at a close.
Before he heads off to finish his degree he had one final task to complete.
Kit Holden, it's time for your 5 From....

What is your favourite sound and why?

Probably a squelchy Moog-bass sound, because it's just a very silly yet satisfying noise used in tracks that always brings a smile :)

Who is your favourite band member and why?

Luke Flowers (the drummer from The Cinematic Orchestra). I really love his playing style and he drummed at the most memorable gig I've ever seen.


Best pub trivia fact.

There was a bear enlisted in the Polish army who made it to the rank of Corporal. He also smoked, drank and carried weapons to the front during battles. His name was Wojtek.


Most memorable experience with SNK Studios?

Tough to pick just one, but I'd have to go with meeting Alan Ford - I'm a big fan of Snatch/Lock Stock.


What's your favourite thing about SNK Studios?

Without a doubt the people, everyone says it for a reason!! It's incredible working with people who all get along so well and can give you a laugh, whilst also getting the job done!

Who would win in a fight between a raccoon and a badger?

I'd go for a raccoon, mainly because they are sneaky little things. I mean, how brave is this bad boy?