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5 From...Niall

date.png 2016-08-04      |     Tagged:  5 from   copywriter   red apple creative  

Our 5 From continues in more traditional style this week... 

One of our newest recruits to the Creative team, Niall Killeney-Taylor is under the spotlight.

Niall, are you ready? 5 From questions, are you ready? 

Then let's begin.....

Niall, what is your earliest memory?

Having a party thrown in my honour for my achievement in moving up from the potty to the big boy's toilet, I got cake and all!


What's your favourite thing about Red Apple Creative?

The people. It's a gift that everyone you work with are down to earth, friendly and funny people, which seems to create a fantastic melting pot of loveliness.


Best pub trivia fact.

Did you know you can solve that nasty infection of fruit flies with 5 simple steps - all you need is a pint glass, tissue paper, jam, a fizzy pop and a toothpick. But you can learn more about that later. So instead, I'll just mention that the female spotted hyena has a fake penis.


What is your favourite word?

F***! A great man once said, "The English language is like a brick wall and the word 'f***' is my chisel." I was not that great man.


Choose between no mobile phone for a day or no holiday for a year.

Well that's a simple one - no phone for a day. I would go as far as to say I'd sell my phone for a one hour holiday.