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5 From...Charlotte Plant

date.png 2017-01-12

Celebrating her fourth year with the company we thought it was time for Business Development Manager, Charlotte Plant to have the spotlight with her very own 5 From moment.

After careful editing and resubmission of various questions we have selected her best answers. Charlotte, it's your time to shine!

What is your favourite radio station or playlist of choice?

I love Mellow Magic in the evening. I am generally going to the stables and so it helps me relax when I'm stuck in traffic on the A2 after my commute home.

I am partial to Kisstory every day, helps me relive my garage days at Storm in Leicester Square.

Best advice a colleague or manager has ever given you?

Never call in sick after a work night out - Mark Burl, Global Radio.

What is your hidden talent?

I remember all mobile and phone numbers, they store in my brain forever.

How do you get rid of the hiccups?

I hold my breath until I pass out.

If I was mayor for the day I would...?


What is your favourite word?