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5 From.....Brinky

date.png 2016-10-04      |     Tagged:  5 from   catherine brinkworth   digital production assistant   red apple creative  

Digital Production Assiant, Catherine Brinkworth is more affectionately known to us as Brinky!

Brilliant hair, super smart and cool demeanour.....we wanted to find out more about Brinky's super powers.

Brinky, here are your 5 from questions....

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5 From....Kit

date.png 2016-08-18      |     Tagged:  5 from   red apple creative   studio assistant  
Our year with Studio Assistant Kit Holden is almost at a close.
Before he heads off to complete his degree he had one final task to complete.
Kit Holden, it's time for your 5 From....

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5 From...Niall

date.png 2016-08-04      |     Tagged:  5 from   copywriter   red apple creative  

Our 5 From continues in more traditional style this week. 

One of our newest recruits to the Creative team, Niall Kineally-Taylor is under the spotlight.

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5 From...Darren

date.png 2016-07-21      |     Tagged:  5 from   red apple creative   senior producer  

This week's 5 a super extended version as we say goodbye to the most amazing Senior Producer EVER! 

Our lovely Darren is off to satisfy his wunderlust, so after 4 years with Red Apple Creative - Darren Griffiths, here are your 5 From...

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5 From....James Spink

date.png 2016-07-07      |     Tagged:  5 from   digital   james spink   manager  
Our 5 From... blog introduces you to the SNK team individually.

James Spink, Spinkster, Jimbo, Sprinkles to his colleagues. is next under the 5 From spotlight.

Here are your 5 From Sprinkles!.....

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5 From....Andre

date.png 2016-06-09      |     Tagged:  5 from   red apple creative  

Our 5 From..... blog introduces you to the Red Apple team individually.

We'd love to introduce Andre Harry, the Lead Developer from our Digital team.

Andre, here are your 5 From.....

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5 From......Aishah

date.png 2016-05-26      |     Tagged:  5 from   mi-soul   red apple creative  

Introducing, Aishah Amodu. Production Assistant.

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